Conan Exiles Server List in United States

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MMO-like server with great building / armor mods. Pippi, EEWA, AoC, Emberlight, Immersive Armor, SvS, SvS2, Savage Steel 1&2, Dude's Delightful, etc.

1/20 The Exiled Lands

[PC] Kingdom of Strife! 24/7 PVP! Everyday Raid! 3x EXP/Harvest! Free-for-All! United States! Active admin! Join our discord!

0/70 The Exiled Lands

0/0 The Exiled Lands

The QKT is an LGBTQ+ server that offers fair PvP rules, PvE safe areas, and optional roleplay. Join our Discord for whitelisting!

0/0 The Exiled Lands

The Society of Extraordinary Gamers Conan Exiles Server! One of the first 3rd party Conan servers!

0/0 The Isle of Siptah

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