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Hey gamers, listen up! You gotta check out Xmas.ExtreamCs.Com [CS:GO] Xmas Server # 2019! It's the only one that's up and running right now and it's got some seriously dope features. Created by the legendary LucifeR in 2019, this mode is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit.

First off, we've got Xmas Maps 2019, complete with CS:GO Xmas Models for players. And when the round ends, you won't believe the Xmas Sounds that'll transport you straight to a winter wonderland. Plus, it's snowing on the map! How sick is that? But hold up, there's even more! We're giving out free VIP at night and there's a Level System with a xmas style.

And don't forget about the Xmas fireworks and the Bomb Events that have been modified for Christmas. And get this, we've got Gifts from Santa Claus! And if that's not enough, we've got a Store & Credits system so you can get even more cool stuff. So why are you still reading this? Join the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Xmas Server now! And if you wanna stay in the loop on all the Xmas Server happenings, join our Discord at https://discord.gg/VHG3m6.

Oh, and here's the IP: DNS: Xmas.ExtreamCs.Com. And if you're on Steam, add us at https://steamcommunity.com/id/traficant_de_wifi/.

What is the Xmas.ExtreamCs.Com [CS:GO] Xmas Server IP?

The Xmas.ExtreamCs.Com [CS:GO] Xmas Server IP is; this IP is the address you'll need to enter in the CSGO client to connect to the server.

It's easy to make a mistake, so if you're having trouble connecting, double-check that you're using the correct Xmas.ExtreamCs.Com [CS:GO] Xmas Server IP, which is

What is the website link of the Xmas.ExtreamCs.Com [CS:GO] Xmas Server?

The Xmas.ExtreamCs.Com [CS:GO] Xmas Server website link is https://www.extreamcs.com/forum/anun-uri-f1209/despre-server-t365838.html. You can find all the information you need about the server there.

Don't forget that you can also find the Xmas.ExtreamCs.Com [CS:GO] Xmas Server among other great CSGO servers in our Best CSGO Servers top list.

Where the Xmas.ExtreamCs.Com [CS:GO] Xmas Server is located?

Xmas.ExtreamCs.Com [CS:GO] Xmas Server is located in Romania, so if you're playing from there, you should expect a low latency and a smooth experience. If you're playing from other countries, you might experience some lag, but it shouldn't be too bad.

When was the Xmas.ExtreamCs.Com [CS:GO] Xmas Server added to TopServers?

The Xmas.ExtreamCs.Com [CS:GO] Xmas Server was added to the TopServers CSGO category on November 13, 2019, at 8:45 am, by user rafy21.

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