Map Deadisle
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This is a server like you've never seen before, come and be A part of our unique horror experience!!!


-Custom areas and bridges
-Light mods
-A PVP server with PVE elements.
-Monster Events
-Custom mutants and Zombies with custom creepy sounds created by me and giant wendigos(snow wendigo spawns in snow island and the regular wendigo spawns in mili zones)
-Mysterious Vendor hidden on snow island sells only attachements, ammo and clothing( I dont like traders so that the only ai that sell few things)Beware hard to get there
-Custom Winter/Summer Ghillies with integrated backpack made by me.
-The winter ghillie and russian winter clothes will keep you completly warm in snow island
-Custom houses place around snow island with lootable iceboxes containing fish
-Lootable furniture see discord guides to know what furnitures can be looted
-No boosted loot(You gotta work to find ur guns and appreciate ur gear)
-Ingame Map.
-Vanilla Vibes.
-A few custom modded clothing items by me.
-A few Windstride Clothing items.
-Horror ambience sound system and Spooky sky.
-Expansion/ BBP+ & vanilla base building.
-Snafu high tier weapons split up in high tier special locations for challenge
-Just wiped.

We are a friendly and helpful community with a great Admin team. Feel free to join and ask any questions you might have.

PS yes its me running from a winter wendigo on snow island they are viscious and big 😂😂


What is the D.E.A.D ISLE | KOS server IP?

The D.E.A.D ISLE | KOS server IP is You can also find D.E.A.D ISLE | KOS server IP on the left side panel of this page.

In addition, we provide the copy button to copy IP quicker, in just one click.

Where the D.E.A.D ISLE | KOS server is located?

The D.E.A.D ISLE | KOS server is located in the United States. With the server located in the United States, users from the United States can expect the lowest latency and highest performance, providing the best DayZ experience.

When was the D.E.A.D ISLE | KOS server added to TopServers?

The D.E.A.D ISLE | KOS DayZ server was added to the TopServers DayZ category on December 4, 2022, at 3:26 am, by user redhunt3rr.

The D.E.A.D ISLE | KOS server information was updated on December 4, 2022, at 4:20 am.

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