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Bread Craft Icône


Kit PvPMCMMORoleplaySkyblockSurvivalTowny1.141.14.4

Bread Craft is a new custom-survival and minigames network! Come join our coolio community for good times and free bread!

Joueurs: 0/1000
Noice Network Icône


Kit PvPSurvivalVanilla1.

The Noice Network is a community-oriented Minecraft server network! We pride ourselves in providing a good, fun server for people to play on! |=====| YouTube: bit.ly/noiceyoutube Website: bit.ly/noicenetwork Stor...

Joueurs: 0/250
CubeCraft Games Icône


Kit PvPMini GamesParkourPvEPvPSkywars1.

CubeCraft Games is one of the largest server networks in the world. We always strive to make the best games and bring the most fun to everyone. Our servers run 24/7 and have the capability to hold many thousands of playe...

Joueurs: 777/30000
Disastrous Network Icône


CreativeFactionKit PvPMCMMOPrisonPvPSurvival1.

Constantly expanding and adding new custom features regularly. Willing to listen to any feedback and add any new features that would help improve our network.

Joueurs: 7/100
Advancius Network Icône


CreativeFactionKit PvPMini GamesPrisonSkyblockTowny1.

Greetings, and welcome to the Advancius Network! Advancius is a friendly community where we love to have fun with each other while playing our unique gamemodes! Our gamemodes include: Factions, Creative, Towny, Sky...

Joueurs: 0/60


FactionKit PvPMini GamesPvEPvPSurvival1.14

BC PvP is a brand new Minecraft Factions server. We offer original gameplay with 1.7 style PvP and TnT cannons. Available for all players: /fly In faction land Mine spawners with silk-touch

Joueurs: 0/60
Milky Way Craft Icône


CreativeKit PvPMini GamesParkour1.14

Milky Way Craft - A Multiworld Minecraft server Website & IP: milkywaycraft.net Are you tired of having multiple Minecraft servers on your Minecraft server list? (yes!) Tired of switching servers with your f...

Joueurs: 0/100
SquanixMC Icône


Kit PvPPvP1.8.8

KitPvP where there's more than 25 kits with diffrent abilites example Thor kit has an axe if you strike with it lightining will be striked And there's sales at the momment for the ranks Ranks will be on this w...

Joueurs: 0/500
EpicMemePvP Icône


Kit PvPPvEPvP1.14

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Come join! We have Great Moderation, Many Kits, Friendly Staff, and a Huge Map! (Java)

Joueurs: 1/10000
MineNet Icône


Kit PvPPvPSurvivalTekkit1.141.8

Hey You! TRY my Server or else i gonna Delete your Fortnite! Pls vote my server Im using Spigot Server Map by Jakob's KITPVP

Joueurs: 1/200