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Stellar Mc Piktograma


Come join Stellar MC a cracked Minecraft server! With game modes to suit what you're looking for, we are sure you will find something you love! Invaded-OP-Factions(1.8.8+) Released Sept.1/19 Skyblock (1.12.2...

Žaidėjai: 12/550
DivineMC Piktograma


Divine MC is a unique server with a unique set of players with an in game rank system and cash rewards for the top faction at the end of the season!

Žaidėjai: 0/100
The Game Cube Piktograma


With dedicated and active staff members and a welcoming community that we take pride in, The Game Cube can offer a fun environment on any of our current servers, such as the PVE Server featuring Slimefun among many plugi...

Žaidėjai: 1/200


Evionic Reborn is looking for new, regular players for our Adult (18+) Minecraft Server. The server is almost entirely vanilla, with a few small tweaks similar to those seen on the Hermitcraft server. We are mature, easy...

Žaidėjai: 0/1337
Divine MC | HUB | PAYPAL PRIZES Piktograma


Divine MC | HUB | PAYPAL PRIZES DivineMC is the newest HUB server! We currently offer a 1.14 factions and survival server. There is a 100 dollar PayPal prize for the top faction at the end of each season! Join now! ...

Žaidėjai: 0/100
MineLatino » No Premium Server Piktograma


¿Buscando una experiencia realmente buena al jugar en servidores de Minecraft No Premium? Entonces MineLatino es para ti.

Žaidėjai: 8/245
Noice Network Piktograma

Kit PvPSurvivalVanilla1.

The Noice Network is a community-oriented Minecraft server network! We pride ourselves in providing a good, fun server for people to play on! |=====| YouTube: Website: Stor...

Žaidėjai: 0/250
Timbs MC Piktograma


Do you like timbs? Do you like towns? Do you like CHILL Minecraft Servers??? Well this is the place for you!

Žaidėjai: 0/50
HeirMC | SKYBLOCK | NEED STAFF!  Piktograma


A new skyblock server with a friendly community. Also, we are hiring staff. Join our discord server at

Žaidėjai: 1/100
MC Earth I Towny I Economy I War *NEW* Piktograma


Minecraft Server with a 1:1000 meter Earth map, with Towny and a player driven economy.

Žaidėjai: 0/100


Brand New Server 11/19 - Survival - Open PVP - True Vanilla - Zero Mods - Large Player Cap

Žaidėjai: 4/50


Performance: Die Leistungen des Servers sind an die Anzahl der Spieler und der Redstone-Techniken angepasst! Nette Spieler: Wir konnten schon einige nette Spieler für uns begeistern. Sei du der nächste! Immer o...

Žaidėjai: 1/20


New server. Looking for friendly and active people. All are welcomed

Žaidėjai: 0/50