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It's 2011, you've just purchased Minecraft and you really have no idea where to go from there. You search through a few server lists and eventually you find a community to play on, but it's a real community. It's a community where everyone knows everyone, where you go out and build your first base after exploring the sprawling spawn after a while, where you grind through the server's mob arenas for prizes and awards, where you play a game of spleef with your town mates. It's a community where people care, where the development team is involved and listening to players to create the best experience possible, where real effort is put into the growth of a stable community. It's a community with a story, and we're trying to write the next chapter in a book that began nearly a decade ago.

MiksweezalCraft is an ode to the communities that spaned the Minecraft world many years ago and the facets they included at that time. Our server is a love-project that is continuous and on-going with new features and editions constantly being completed and simultaneously added to our already overwhelming list of planned implementations. We have a considerable amount of mini-games to choose from as well as micro-dungeons to suit just about every type of player.

With the popularity of large and completely automated servers, interactive events hosted by real people have seen a slow and sad death, and with them a large chunk of the spirit that truly is Minecraft- a game with a focus on community. Our aim is to see that spirit revived and brought back to life by interactively hosting events and placing a focus on player-driven events. Don't just be another player tag in some random hub--come to find out what it means to be a part of a real, dedicated community run by people who know what a real community is; what a real community feels like.

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