Valhalla Towny

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Valhalla Towny

Valhalla is a small yet friendly server wanting to expand its horizons. Valhalla offers a refferal service in which for each 5 players you reffer to the server that come play you will bag yourself some rewards such as; In-Game loot, money, keys and ranks.

The server offers many great plugins to ensure your always kept entertained and on your feet. A featured plugin thats installed is called BloodMoon. This plugin increases mob difficulty yet rewards you kindly if you kill them as you get more EXP per kill and special loot.

MCMMO is a main plugin used in this server, join and level up those skills to unlock perks in-game!

/vote is also fully functioning in which you get diamonds, money and keys by voting (total of 6 links so far)

Valhalla has a In-game ranking up system that ranks you up based on how long you play the game. Each rank will give your a special perk to help you on your adventures. Jobs are also a plugin within towny level up within your job to help you on your adventures. Spend your money wisely and grow your empire.

There are plenty of other plugins installed to ensure your always kept entertained. Come help the community grow and get creative.

The Server also has a fully functioning shop with reasonably priced items such as ranks,keys,money and commands. Each rank comes with Pets, Player trails, Block trails, Decoheads, commands and incentives such as money, keys and kits.

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