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Country Czech Republic
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Yo, listen up gamers! If you're looking for a server that's truly wild and free, then 60b60t is the place to be! This server is all about anarchy, baby - no rules, no plugins, and no holds barred! It's the ultimate test of your survival skills, and only the toughest players will make it out alive.

So if you're ready to take on the challenge, then join us now and see if you've got what it takes to survive in the world of 60b60t! Once you're in, you'll see that this server is not for the faint of heart. The difficulty level is set to hard, which means that every step you take could be your last.

But that's what makes it so exciting, right? You never know what's going to happen next, and every decision you make could mean the difference between life and death. So get ready to fight, build, and explore your way through this crazy world, because there are no limits to what you can do on 60b60t! And let's not forget the best part - there are no rules on this server! That's right, you heard me - NO RULES! You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and nobody's going to stop you.

Want to build a giant castle out of diamond blocks? Go for it! Want to raid other players' bases and steal all their loot? Knock yourself out! Want to team up with other players and form a powerful faction? The choice is yours! On 60b60t, the only limit is your imagination (and maybe your survival skills).

So what are you waiting for? Join us now and experience the true meaning of anarchy! Just be prepared for anything, because on 60b60t, anything can happen. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie just starting out, there's a place for you on this server.

What is the 60b60t IP?

The 60b60t server IP is 60b60t.aternos.me:19633; this IP is the address you'll need to enter in the Minecraft client to connect to the server.

It's easy to make a mistake, so if you're having trouble connecting, double-check that you're using the correct 60b60t server IP, which is 60b60t.aternos.me:19633.

What game modes does the 60b60t server offer?

The 60b60t server provides the following game modes for players to enjoy:

  • Anarchy
  • PvE
  • PvP
  • Survival
  • Vanilla

So, 60b60t has got something for everyone, no matter what your preferred gaming style may be!

Where the 60b60t server is located?

60b60t server is located in Czech Republic, so if you're playing from there, you should expect a low latency and a smooth experience. If you're playing from other countries, you might experience some lag, but it shouldn't be too bad.

When was the 60b60t server added to TopServers?

The 60b60t server was added to the TopServers Minecraft category on June 7, 2022, at 3:55 pm, by user Ganymedes.

The 60b60t server information was updated on June 7, 2022, at 4:10 pm.

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