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Country United States
TypesEconomyMCMMOMini GamesSurvival
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ASDFMC server descriptions

• 1.15.2 based Survival
• MCmmo
• Money drops
• 1.8 combat mechanics
• Minigames (currently added: Spleef, Sumo)
• Silktouch spawners
• Quests (/warp quests)
• Jobs
• Real-life stocks (/stocks)
• Chestshops
• Jukebox Music (/music)
• Random Teleport (/rtp, /wild)
• Land Claims (/kit gshovel for claim shovel)
• 1,000,000 block world border
• Rewards for reporting bugs
• Rewards for bringing players to the server (just say who you brought)
• One person sleep (much easier to set the time to day)
• New world with absolutely no grief
• In-game shop as well as repair signs at spawn
• Player trading with /trade
• Marriage

What makes us different compared to other servers?
• Everything is designed to be balanced, none of the donation ranks give the player benefits that make it unfair for players that do not have a donation rank. They simply provide a variety of other luxuries such as being able to fix items, being able to disguise, access to a lot more pets and more!

• We do not have any unfair rules or regulations, all of the rules we set are to reduce conflict, prevent people cheating or joining for malicious behaviour or anything along those lines. We want to make the server as enjoyable as we possibly can


What is the ASDFmc server IP?

The ASDFmc server IP is You can also find ASDFmc server IP on the left side panel of this page.

In addition, we provide the copy button to copy IP quicker, in just one click.

What version does the ASDFmc server support?

ASDFmc server supports the following Minecraft version:

  • 1.15

But you can also try connecting with older or newer Minecraft versions; this could work in some cases.

Additionally, we suggest contacting the server administrator on their website or Discord for more information.

What game modes does the ASDFmc server offer?

ASDFmc Minecraft server offers the following game modes:

  • Economy
  • Mini Games
  • Survival

Where the ASDFmc server is located?

The ASDFmc server is located in the United States. With the server located in the United States, users from the United States can expect the lowest latency and highest performance, providing the best Minecraft experience.

When was the ASDFmc server added to TopServers?

The ASDFmc Minecraft server was added to the TopServers Minecraft category on May 16, 2020, at 10:17 pm, by user ShadowBran26.

The ASDFmc server information was updated on May 17, 2020, at 2:18 am.

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