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Supports 1.8-1.15, but 1.15 is recommended!
ClubNetwork is a small community Minecraft network that supports many fun gamemodes and is always expanding its selection! With creative, survival (with Slimefun), a hardcore server in beta and the release of the long awaited Skyblock server happening soon*! We have a play format that will work for everyone!

* Skyblock is almost ready for release, just needs shop to be finished. Expected release at start of March.

Join today at and there will be something there for everyone!

ClubNetwork has a long and proud history!
ClubNetwork started as a project between the (at the time) owners of ClubSurvival (pettyGamingHD and Intrepid26) and it's developer, kevinjss1. ClubSurvival as a server has existed for about 2.5 years and has gone through many phases, but has kept a continuous player base throughout the time, even with it being joined in as a sub-server of the network. Kevinjss1, (now Kevinjss2*) handled the deployment of the infrastructure required to convert the simple survival server into a multi-server network and joined onto the Ownership Team.

Recently, ClubNetwork has undergone another large change with a total reset of most of the server (creative remains unchanged) giving a new chance for players to join.

We we are looking to grow our staff team. Staff applications will be opening to active players in the conning weeks.

What is the ClubNetwork server IP?

The ClubNetwork server IP is You can also find ClubNetwork server IP on the left side panel of this page.

In addition, we provide the copy button to copy IP quicker, in just one click.

What versions does the ClubNetwork server support?

ClubNetwork server supports the following Minecraft versions:

  • 1.14
  • 1.12.2
  • 1.15

But you can also try connecting with older or newer Minecraft versions; this could work in some cases.

Additionally, we suggest contacting the server administrator on their website or Discord for more information.

What game modes does the ClubNetwork server offer?

ClubNetwork Minecraft server offers the following game modes:

  • Creative
  • Skyblock
  • Survival

Where the ClubNetwork server is located?

The ClubNetwork server is located in the United States. With the server located in the United States, users from the United States can expect the lowest latency and highest performance, providing the best Minecraft experience.

When was the ClubNetwork server added to TopServers?

The ClubNetwork Minecraft server was added to the TopServers Minecraft category on February 17, 2020, at 12:56 am, by user ClubNetwork.

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