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TypesMini Games
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Yo, fellow gamers! Let me tell you about my journey with Minecraft servers. It all started back in 2015 when I discovered the endless possibilities of creating anything I wanted without any limitations. I was hooked! Fast forward to 2019, my crew and I were saving up some serious cash to kickstart a big project in Romania.

Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned, and we were left with a hefty sum of money and no project to invest in. But we didn't let that stop us! We were determined to keep growing the Romanian Minecraft community, so we decided to start our own project from scratch. And that's how HubMC was born! Now, let me tell you, starting a server from scratch is no easy feat.

We had to put in a lot of hard work, sweat, and tears (and maybe a few curse words) to get it up and running. But it was all worth it! We wanted to create a community where players could come together, have fun, and make new friends. And that's exactly what we did. Transition phrase: But that's not all! We didn't stop at just creating a server.

We wanted to make it the best damn server out there! So, we added custom plugins, unique game modes, and even hired some talented builders to create some epic builds. And let me tell you, it paid off! Our community grew, and we were getting positive feedback left and right. But we didn't stop there either! We're constantly updating and improving our server to make sure our players have the best experience possible.

And we're always open to feedback and suggestions from our community.

What is the HubMC IP?

The HubMC server IP is; this IP is the address you'll need to enter in the Minecraft client to connect to the server.

It's easy to make a mistake, so if you're having trouble connecting, double-check that you're using the correct HubMC server IP, which is

What game modes does the HubMC server offer?

The HubMC server provides the following game modes for players to enjoy:

  • Mini Games

So, HubMC has got something for everyone, no matter what your preferred gaming style may be!

Where the HubMC server is located?

HubMC server is located in United States, so if you're playing from there, you should expect a low latency and a smooth experience. If you're playing from other countries, you might experience some lag, but it shouldn't be too bad.

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