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Wersje 1.8.8
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Kraj Wielka Brytania
Typy EconomyParkourPrisonPvP

Welcome to PrisonZero!

Prisonzero is a classical prison remake, influenced by TitanMC, an old server that unfortunately shut down.

TitanMC most popularly known as the server SSundee played on, as he helped create the server.

The Prisonzero network is a place where classical prison lovers, ex TitanMC players and anyone can come and play this once loved gamemode.

PrisonZero follows the same format at titan once did with some minor tweaks to balance out the game, come and check it out!

Our current Features Include (that are working);

- Rentable Prison Cells

- Player Shops (Black Market)

- Ranking System (Exactly like titan)

- Commissary (Custom plugin)

- All Mines (Same percentages as Titan)

- All other features of TitanMC

- Tokens can be used to buy donor ranks

This Server is completely free to join, all you need is a Minecraft account and you don't even need the latest version! We support versions 1.8.8 We hope to see you on the server to test everything out and give some ideas and tell us about bugs. If you want to report anything,

Join our discord;

Server IP:

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