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Start kits-Teleport-FreeKits-Clans-Bgrade-Vehicles Trade-Betterloot-Trade-All Blueprints-Quicksmelt-MagicCraft Skins-Sign Artist-Gesture Wheel-VIP kits.

18/100 Procedural Map

Plugins: - ActiveSort - BetterChat - BetterChatMentions - BGrade - BuildCost - BuildingActions - DeathNotes - FurnaceSplitter - GatherManager - InfoPanel - Kits - SignArtist - SortButtons - Tickets

5/100 Procedural Map

5/100 cycle-map

A place for buddies. Be nice. Vanilla • Noob Friendly • Active Admin • Monthly

18/60 Procedural Map

Hapis Island Map Next Wipe 12/17/2020 3X Gather 3X Stack Size for Basic Mats 2 Week Map Wipe Cycle, 4 Week BP wipe NO Kits, NO VIP, NO pay to win

3/50 Procedural Map

groups of up to 5 permitted weekly map bi-weekly bp

1/150 Procedural Map

0/150 Procedural Map

x2 resources - x1 sulphur Clan/team limit 3 Quicker craft times Shorter Nights No teaming with other clans/teams active, responsive mods.

0/100 Procedural Map

Willkommen auf Rusten! Infos: - deutschsprachiger Vanilla Server - Mapsize:4000 - monatlicher Fullwipe - täglicher Serverrestart (05:00 Uhr) - Events - regelmäßige Kontrolle der Serverbewegungen - Anti-Cheat-T...

0/100 Procedural Map

Live, Laugh, Rug a community rust server. We have active players and it's a vanilla server as well. The map is huge so you can explore!

0/0 Procedural Map

We are a friendly nokos server looking to provide a casual stress free server. Come and join 420Rusty to experience for yourself we provide a no raid day for two day's on wipe. We are going to currently work on the d...

0/0 ---

Custom Unique Plugins. One and Only! New to the Rust - Mining Farm, mine coins and spend them in in-game shop (/shop). Active admin. Friendly Community

0/0 Procedural Map

0/0 Procedural Map

Welcome to big boy looters! Join us on our journey as we grow as a server and a community

0/0 Procedural Map

Our BloodRust 2x server has some custom plugins that will improve your rust experience. We wipe every Friday at 16:00 GMT+2. Active non-playing admins. Discord server: Our plugins described...

0/0 Procedural Map

TP/NO LIMIT/EVENT/HOME и многое другое.

0/0 ---

A lot of effort & time has gone into making this server what it is today. - Come & say Hi in the discord!

0/0 Procedural Map

Capital-Community server. Map size: 3500 Last WIPE: 29.6. (FullWipe) Next WIPE: 2.7. (FullWipe) WIPE Schedule: Every Monday: Map wipe if low pop (19:00 CEST) Every Thursday Full wipe (19:00 CEST) Rules: ...

0/0 ---

Last Full Wipe: 19/07/2020\n Vanilla server, with active admins\n 4k Map Size\n Bi-Weekly BP Wipes\n Weekly Map Wipes!

0/0 Procedural Map

0/0 Procedural Map