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Custom Unique Plugins. One and Only! New to the Rust - Mining Farm, mine coins and spend them in in-game shop (/shop). Active admin. Friendly Community

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Welcome to Arcadia Rust. This is a Vanilla server with mainly QOL plugins. New player friendly. - 2x Gather Rate. - 50% Decay Rate.

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x2 Gather Rates x2 Crafting Speed x2 Components and Scrap No Group Limit Long days and Short nights

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Fresh NEW Server Rates x1 , Building Stack sizes x3 (Sulfur default) , NO VAC or GAME BAN Players are allowed to play without permission

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Left4bed 2x Server \n This server will provide near-vanilla style gameplay! Top notch, lag-free server performance 2x Gather Rate\n \n Modified Stack Sizes\n Kits Skin box Furnace Splitter Click Webpage for discord Enjo...

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Teleport-FreeKits-Clans-Bgrade-Vehicles-Trade Betterloot-Trade-AllBlueprints-Quicksmelt-MagicCraft Skins-Sign Artist-Gesture Wheel-VIPkits.

0/0 Oasis_NL_v048

Welcome to NOOBTOPIA! Noob friendly vanilla server with friendly admins ,absolutely no abuse and no pay-to-win PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS AND HAVE FUN :D

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some of are plugin are clans cupshare loot++ shop kits tps homes mymini autolock and more

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The Best rust experience ▶ There is over 100 plugins you can experience and have fun with! ▶ only server in rust with flyable airplanes and ufo's

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NEW Free kit giveaways on our Discord! Active and Friendly Admins. Weekly wipes. Come and join the fun. Website-

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Start kits-Teleport-FreeKits-Clans-Bgrade-Vehicles Trade-Betterloot-Trade-All Blueprints-Quicksmelt-MagicCraft Skins-Sign Artist-Gesture Wheel-VIP kits.

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x2 resources - x1 sulphur Clan/team limit 3 Quicker craft times Shorter Nights No teaming with other clans/teams active, responsive mods.

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Welcome to Twin Peaks, where nothing is what it seems. Join today and get a starter kit, join the discord and pm for it.

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A UK hosted, noob friendly Rust server with a whole load of friendly and helpful mods enabled to make your Rust adventures fun. Moderated with active members

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Nevs 10x No Bp's is a brand new server with experienced and active owners. with owners that listen to their community. for the best experience

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We are a modded server with an active player base. active admins, but most important a FUN server with more then enough pvp

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Welcome to R.I.P Rusty! Features include: - Gather X2 - Instant craft - Max clan limit of 5 - Teleport - Home - Quick smelt - Furnace splitter - Better loot - Levels remastered

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No lag, [US/EU] PVP server, Lots of Mods, Monthly Wipes, Friendly Players, Rust does not have to be Toxic !, Active Admins if you need help.

0/0 Hawk_Ridge_Island_rev085