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We've got a wide range of plugins and features to make your stay fun! Join us and play with Quests, Kits, Raidable Bases, Never Ending Shops, and more! Feel free to also join us on Discord, Our Invite Code is: http...

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This sever that i have created there is alot cool plugins that you should try out.There is always admin on the sever if need any help feel free to contact us.

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x5 Gathering Bi-Weekly map & BP wipes Custom maps Every skin available to use for free + Custom skins Modified items that reinvent PVP meta, such as drivable tanks, explosive trucks...

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USA East Coast Monthly Map & BP Wipe Date : 04/01/2021 [Every 1st of the month] 5x Gather Rate [2.5x Sulfer] No limit on Clan size

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