Rust Procedural Map Server List

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Admins activos. Friendly. Entra y compruebalo!!

0/50 Procedural Map

Serveur Rust HappyShère FAST +15 plugins utiles Serveur toujours en construction et amélioration

0/50 Procedural Map

Worldsize is 4000 Global loot 2x Active admin/dev team Skill level system Custom modds from us Economics

0/200 Procedural Map

Start kits-Teleport-FreeKits-Clans-Bgrade-Vehicles Trade-Betterloot-Trade-All Blueprints-Quicksmelt-MagicCraft Skins-Sign Artist-Gesture Wheel-VIP kits.

17/100 Procedural Map

The EU Amsterdam | Vanilla | Max 6 server has just been full wiped, you can connect through console with: F1 friendly german,dutch server community !

5/150 Procedural Map

Rusty Zone Vanilla | Half Upkeep | Monthly Wipes | JUST WIPED Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad: Monthly map wipes on the first Thursday of the month. Half Upkeep

2/150 Procedural Map

Monthly map wipes on the first Thursday of the month. pve rp skills villages quarry lot lot more Join our discord!

2/100 Procedural Map

WELCOME TO STATE OF EMERGENCY Active Non-Playing Admin WIPED Feb 4th 2021 *PVE-PVP Zones Server *Custom Skin Shop *Level up skills Mining Woodcutting Crafting Skinning. *PlaneCrash and LockOnRockets for that extra ...

1/200 Procedural Map

Just A Fun Vanilla Server For Rust, Admins Very Active

0/120 Procedural Map

Rusty Zone Vanilla | Half Upkeep | Monthly Wipes | JUST WIPED Solo/Duo Monthly map wipes on the first Thursday of the month. Half Upkeep

0/100 Procedural Map

We are a friendly server with active admins and ready to help any time we can to make sure you have a good learning experience or just a casual player.

0/60 Procedural Map

USA East Coast Monthly Map & BP Wipe Date : 04/01/2021 [Every 1st of the month] 5x Gather Rate [2.5x Sulfer] No limit on Clan size

0/50 Procedural Map

Hello, Welcome to Noob Nation 5x. We would like everyone to have a great in game experience. Help each other learn the game and be creative!

0/100 Procedural Map

Custom Unique Plugins. One and Only! New to the Rust - Mining Farm, mine coins and spend them in in-game shop (/shop). Active admin. Friendly Community

0/0 Procedural Map

0/0 Procedural Map

Welcome to big boy looters! Join us on our journey as we grow as a server and a community

0/0 Procedural Map

Our BloodRust 2x server has some custom plugins that will improve your rust experience. We wipe every Friday at 16:00 GMT+2. Active non-playing admins. Discord server: Our plugins described...

0/0 Procedural Map

A lot of effort & time has gone into making this server what it is today. - Come & say Hi in the discord!

0/0 Procedural Map

Last Full Wipe: 19/07/2020\n Vanilla server, with active admins\n 4k Map Size\n Bi-Weekly BP Wipes\n Weekly Map Wipes!

0/0 Procedural Map

x2 Gather Rates x2 Crafting Speed x2 Components and Scrap No Group Limit Long days and Short nights

0/0 Procedural Map