Rust Vote Rewards Server List

Rank Server Players Map

SavageSurvival 2x Solo/Duo/Trio **Server Features** 2x gathering Low upkeep Starting kit Achievement System with rewards Longer days, Shorter Nights

0/0 ---

Custom Unique Plugins. One and Only! New to the Rust - Mining Farm, mine coins and spend them in in-game shop (/shop). Active admin. Friendly Community

0/0 Procedural Map

2x Server No BP´s welcome to the Best Eu Server

0/0 ---

Join FRG-FLEX 2xtoday! Max team size of 8! NON-PLAYING ADMINS! We also don't make you pay for our VIP package you just have to play to get the package (:

0/0 Procedural Map

0/0 Hawk_Ridge_Island_rev061

Balanced Plugins for the best Game experience | x2 | Events | Active Staff | Seraching for new Members

0/0 ---