Twinkling Stars

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Twinkling Stars

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A Warrior Cats Minecraft Java Roleplay Server!
Welcome. You seem lost. Care to come closer so I can see you better? Ah. Your not one of the clan cats are you? Hm. Well, I am Cloudylight, a StarClan warrior who watches over the clans of the forest. What are clans? Well, we have ShadowClan, the cats of the night. ThunderClan, the fierce and loyal. RiverClan, the graceful and sleek. And WindClan, the moor runners. These clans work with and against each other but have always been together for as long as any of them can remember. They help each other in times of strife. Do you wish to join them?


Oh you do? That's wonderful. Just keep walking to where the sun is rising and you shall find them. I wish you luck on your journey there and I might see you in StarClan one day...

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⌨︎ Minecraft Java

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