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The Vault by Do Or Die Gaming

The Vault 
We're not going to sit here and rant on and on about all our server experience and how joining this server created a new and exciting game that you haven't seen before. We kindly ask you to join the server and see what YOU think about it. 
We believe in a relaxed and friendly environment. That is why we limit base raiding and KOS to the weekends (Fridays until Sundays). The rest of the week PVP is allowed but in a more civilized manner.
We feature all the typical mods you would expect to see on servers  and a few extra goodies to make us unique. We have caves scattered all around Chernarus to keep things interesting. We also feature the ability to find gold nuggets which can be converted into gold bars to earn even more money! Or if staying in the safezone suits your fancy, chat with your friends while playing one of our casino games for a chance to win different money! We have added mining caves for all you archaeologists. 
When population grows, we plan on holding regulated PVP events in our custom cave where you can get rare items. 
We give everyone a crafting book to start out with so you'll know every recipe you are capable of crafting.

We also have survivor missions which bring you on a journey through Chernarus, not just brain dead loot and shoot missions, these ones require you to put together clues to find the prize.

I don't like going on and on about bragging and making empty promises, come see for yourself how good the server is! If the server is not to your liking, come to Discord and voice your opinion, we always welcome constructive criticism. There is no way for us to improve if no one tells how and where improve! Lastly, be sure to look out for our friendly admins that will help you out along your way.

Lastly, we are beginner friendly. we welcome new players to the game and are glad to teach the skills of survival and base building. So if you're new come to Discord and say hi!

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