iListen MC

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Country United States
Types CreativeMCMMOPvEPvPSkyblockSurvival

====== iListen MC ======

Own a Minecraft Bedrock Account? Well, you can now connect to our Java Minecraft Server using:

SkyBlock Payouts:
1st = $100 ($50 PayPal + $50 Store Credit)
2nd = $50 ($25 Paypal + $25 Store Credit)
3rd = $25 Store Credit

Vote Payouts
$10 Store Credit every month to the #1 Voter!!!

Come join us on the official iListen MC Server for my YouTube!

***New 1.16 Survival (Vanilla)***

Custom events, Gameplay and much more!

We have a wide range of gamemodes to choose from including Factions Survival with PVP and Griefing Allowed, Creative world with your own dedicated plots and Skyblock with a wide range of custom content with many more gamemodes to come soon as we expand!

Theres a wide range of custom plugins on the server including but not limited to Custom Pets, Custom Balloons, Custom Paticles, Server Ranks, Player Shops, Server Shop, Bungee, Mineable Spawners, Essentials, Economy and much much more! Theres always more content getting added and we take suggestions from the community on what you want to see in the server.

Make sure you also join our discord where we have a chat channel and event channel for the Minecraft server!!

Will not work with Windows 10/Bedrock Edition, PE or any console editions, this is PC Java Edition only which works on Windows, Mac and Linux

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