Velheim RSPS - Best PRE-EOC server!

Country France

Hello there, thanks for checking out or advertisement thread; we highly appreciate it!

If you're looking for an authentic pre-eoc server - this is for you!

Velheim offers a mix of RS3 content on a pre-eoc client. Enjoy the old combat and interface styles with all of the latest RuneScape 3 content. We have most of the newest content RS3 does, and if we do not have it yet, it will be released within a couple days of whenever Jagex updates!

Velheim focuses on providing the player with an authentic experience, thus we offer you over 400 original RS shops, fully functional Grand Exchange with item prices fluctuating based on supply and demand, fairly easy to obtain drops, at 1/200 for VERY rare table and loads of other special tables; such as Raptor keys, Crystal keys, Crystal triskelions, Rare drop table, Wilderness shared drop table and many more! You will never run out of things to grind for.

There are 5 modes to choose from upon starting:

Normal mode: X200 EXP
Novice mode: X50 EXP, +2.5% drop-rate boost
Classic mode: X2 EXP, +10% drop-rate boost
Ironman mode: X10 EXP, +5% drop-rate boost
Hardcore Ironman mode: X10 EXP, +7.5% drop-rate boost

Some Velheim features (but not limited to):

Distractions & Diversions; Evil tree, Crashing star, Guthixian cache, Trivias, etc.
Over 20 bosses, including Vorago, Barrows: Rise of the Six, Magister, Araxxor, etc.
All 26 skills, including FULL dungeoneering and Divination
A super easy way to navigate the world, there's a teleport interface for EVERY skill!
Keyboard shortcuts - such as bank presets, make-all skilling, squeal of fortune spinning, etc.
Lively world-map. Ever noticed how most server owners do not care about the environment? WE DO! ALL cities are fully populated with NPC's (a lot of them even with full dialogues!), item spawns and objects (with Agility shortcuts!)
On-screen (de)buff timers! E

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