Milky Way Craft

Versions 1.14
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Country Canada
Types CreativeKit PvPMini GamesParkour
Milky Way Craft

Milky Way Craft - A Multiworld Minecraft server

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Are you tired of having multiple Minecraft servers on your Minecraft server list? (yes!)

Tired of switching servers with your friends to play something different? (yes!)

LOOK NO FURTHER!!!!! (really?!? FINALLY!!!)

Milky Way Craft is a Minecraft server with Multiworlds. It will be the only server you'll need to go to for all your Minecraft needs. Designed to be fun and a great way to meet other Minecrafters! Our server has been up since September 10, 2012! :D

Post your Minecraft username below to become a builder today!

If you plan on joining our server, try us out for a full day! Not 5 minutes!!!

How does Milky Way Craft work?
Once you join the server for the first time, you will spawn in Hub world. Hub world lets you select what world you want to you play in. Once you decided what world you want to play in, walk through the PURPLE portal. Its that simple! If you want to play something different at anytime, type /spawn to go back to Hub and then select a new world to play in.

What worlds are open right now? Give me more details!!!
Each portal has a different letter representing each world:
Creative - You get ONE 150x150 plot to build whatever! You can add your friends too! (There is WorldEdit Lite, enough commands for your needs!)
Game - Play lots of custom-made minigames including Tetris, King of the Hill, and more
KitPvP - Survival of the fittest. Are you the best?
Minecraft - Play Minecraft with one plugin, /sethome and /home
Parkour - Can you beat this parkour with your Minecraft Parkour skills?
Zombies - Survive the Zombie infestation. Kills zombies and upgrade your weapons!

More worlds to come...

How do I start playing?
Post your minecraft username below! Once posted, join the server to start your adventure with us today!

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