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Funky Economy

Welcome to Funky Economy! Join our Economy based server and work hard to be #1 on the leaderboard with tons of Features!We are unique and have amazing features and the best ranks to buy. Join us today to have an amazing experince and fun. Need some quick money? Well your in luck, try one of the amazing features we have to do on our server like PyroFishing. PyroFishing is a Feature that allows you to fish and get a chance to get tons of money. Another one of our fun things to do on our server is PyroMining. PyroMining is a Feature that allows you to get the chance of getting gems while mining that can be worth a lots of money. We also have Companions, Yes that's right we have Companions that can be unique to you and can help you with tasks that your doing along your journey. Make money to upgrade your Companions to the next level and have a better experince in the server. Be aware the max level for your lovely Companions is level 3.Want to make free money while doing tasks? Well join on in and setup jobs to make money. Need a place to store your most valuables? Well your in luck! We have Personal Vaults that allow you to store your most valued items that no one else can touch besides You.

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