Pandora Craft

Versions 1.16
Last PingPing is disabled for this server because our system couldn't reach it for too many times.
Country United States
Types CreativeEconomyMCMMORoleplaySurvivalTowny

Pandora Craft is a server which has a focus on building a community and allowing player suggestions to shape the direction of everything. We attempt to cater to everyone’s playstyle. From those who would rather build massive things in a creative world to those who want to make sprawling towns. Mostly everything and everyone is welcome.

We utilize well known plugins like Dynmap, Towny, and mcMMO for things like creating protected areas, viewing the entire world map, and the general mmorpg features along with plugins like OhTheDungeonsYoullGo to give players difficult dungeons to conquer for loot and spawners. Speaking of spawners, you’re able to move them with Mineablespawners along with buying and selling them at spawn via special shops.

Of course we have a Rank system that will allow players to earn those rewards in game with the Jobs Reborn system without having to spend a single dime of real world cash. From being able to unlock extra player vaults, backpacks and titles to creating your own town, nation, or player particles, everything is unlockable in game. As it should be.

We also offer many quality of life changes like being able to skip the night via majority vote with VotingPlugin or majority sleep with Harbor. You can create elevators very easily with no required height limit with SimpleElevators, and if you die to something your items will never vanish with Graves. If you get tired of all the elevating, dying, and sleeping, rest assured that you can pretty much sit wherever you want via Gsit.

That’s not even mentioning the resource world which will offer players a location to collect… well resources! That world, along with the nether and the end worlds reset every so often (around 1-2 months) to allow for players to have anything and everything their pickaxe desires.

The reason you’re looking here is because what you’ve found just isn’t good enough and maybe we at Pandora Craft can help you find something that fits your needs?

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