Although I'm Alone

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Country United States
Types Survival
Although I'm Alone

We are a small SMP server with a friendly community and fun features. We are always looking for new players to join us, we welcome everybody from minecraft noobs to redstone wizards!We keep a focus on vanilla survival while also having fun monthly events, challenges, custom made games, and more.

01. No griefing/stealing. If any grief does happen, CoreProtect will roll back the damage in seconds. we also use WorldGuard to protect areas from grief in the first place.
02. No hacking/cheating. Cheating means using any client or code to give you an advantage or "hack" the game.
03. Do not intentionally try to hurt the server or other players.By this we mean no intentional lag machines, unwanted pvp, etc.

More Info
- No teleports/warps- 100% vanilla economy with an active shopping district.- Hard Mode- We have long term resets (every 2-3 years). A community vote is made after the world becomes 2 years old.- Bedrock players can also connect to the server! Use the same IP and 25566 as the port. (On join, you are required to login with a Java account.)- And much more. Join us today and see for yourself!

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