Entropius - TBC

Versions Burning Crusade
Country United Kingdom
Types BlizzlikePvPPvE
Entropius - TBC

Hello dear players. As we promised last year, we are bringing back forever home for Excalibur characters. Since PTR, we have improved and perfected our imports. You can find a video on how it's going to work on our discord, along with other useful information.

For those players who remember Excalibur server, we can assure you that we have done a lot of improvement work, many bugs have been fixed and we added some new features to those already in place. Our bug tracker is public, of course for anyone interested in checking or reporting possible issues.

For those players who don't have accounts to import, we are announcing instant boosts in our shop. There are different tiers and bundles, but most importantly there is a free option. We aim to create a pure TBC realm where you won't have to grind once again through classic content. Welcome!


Entropius is a 2.4.3 TBC WoW Server with:
Free Instant 58 Option with top-quality vanilla rare gear!
Raids have normal tuning and we provide one of the most accurate scripts of TBC, the script we use has been developed by Excalibur WoW TBC that has had developed this core for 13 years.
Exp rate x2
Prof. skill ups x2
honor x1
Gold x1
loot x1

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