Map rp_outercanals_winter
Last PingPing is disabled for this server because our system couldn't reach it for too many times.
Country Russia

The [ROBOTS-APOCALYPSE] server is based on a self-written lore, written under the inspiration of several books on a similar topic. The basis of your character's life is survival in a post-apocalyptic world, where a person is opposed by his own offspring - robots of various shapes and sizes.

You can choose from two allied factions.
Is your character going to fight back against the machines, or just wants to survive in a new, not friendly world? The starting faction-the Commune "Chosen by Hope", will help you get used to it, and later will put you to work, according to your taste. Not only Prof.employment with the ability to supply your community with equipment, ammunition or a hearty meal, but also a voluntary squad, for those who are more daring.
Or maybe you had a degree in the old world? The S. T. E. P. Robotics Corporation is just gathering people of science under its leadership, in the hope of preserving civilization and human knowledge. Together, the surviving branches of the corporation try to study the nature of the enemy and return the machines to the side of man. At the same time, S. T. E. P. makes a huge contribution to the supply of high-quality weapons to the people of both factions.
You can try to survive alone, but the lack of resources, the Arctic desert and ruthless machines will quickly turn you into a part of the familiar, inhospitable landscape-an icy corpse.
On the server, high-quality RP-wagering is welcome.