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Country Singapore
Types EconomyPvEPvPSurvivalVanilla

Nuttverse is a RPG-based SMP Minecraft server open to anyone! There many different aspects of this server that are very different to your normal survival experience!

These include:
☞ A floating island world, that was custom generated by us!
☞ Custom dimensions and biomes, such as the Hyperspace Dimension or Gem Land
☞ RPG-themed survival, with 4 different classes to choose from!
☞ MAGIC! You can cast spells using mana and craft magical equipment!
☞ An Adventure world where you can explore a massive map filled with custom mobs and bosses, and gain amazing loot!
☞ Over 150+ custom items and 100+ custom mobs for you to find!
☞ Custom enchants and a custom enchanting system that goes up to level 50!
☞ A rankup system where you can move up the ranks by gathering materials and playing more!
☞ Custom rewards chests that can give you interesting loot!

We also have:
☞ A server based economy where you can buy and sell your goods, and trade with others!
☞ Voting for us on vote sites gives you rewards through the Voting Chest!
☞ Grief protection to stop anyone else from messing up your builds!
☞ A login system to prevent others from stealing your account!

So what more do need?? Join us now using:

Server IP:
Minecraft Version: 1.16.5 (can't be lower)

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