Versions 1.17
Last PingPing is disabled for this server because our system couldn't reach it for too many times.
Country United States
Types PvEPvPSurvivalVanilla

AuroraMC is a semi-vanilla server looking to form a community :D
We have no claims and no economy

/home (limit of 3)

1. No racism
2. No sexism
3. Don't be homophobic/transphobic
4. No offensive symbols or skins
5. No hacks, xray or, any mods that will give you an advantage over other players. Turning up your gamma in Options.txt is allowed.
6. No dupes, exploits, or anything that breaks the game. This is, but not limited to, finding a glitch/bug with a server plugin and exploiting it to get an advantage over another player. Depending on the kind of exploit, you will be warning and if you continue, you'll be banned. Duping is a permanent ban.
7. This is a PVP enabled server, meaning people can kill you and take your loot! Tp-trapping/tp-killing is allowed, so don't accept tps from anyone you don't trust!
8. Raiding is allowed on this server, meaning that people can grief your base! Make sure to build out far.
9. No disruptive behavior, spamming, or chat spam.
10. Ddossing, dosing, or doxxing is not allowed! You will be blacklisted from the server, no questions asked.
11. No impersonation of any staff or players is allowed! You will be warned the first time, and be muted if you continue.
12. Ban evasion and mute evasion is not allowed! If you evade your ban, your alt will be perm banned and your main accoint ban will be increased by a week. If you mute evade, your alt will be muted and you will be banned for 12 hours. This includes talking through the discord channel.
13. No advertising of other servers is allowed. AMC on top.

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