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Country United States
Types EconomyFactionMCMMOMini GamesSkyblockSurvivalVanilla

[1.16.5] NetherCraft Custom Survival Multiplayer

Custom Survival Server with Mob Bosses, Dungeons & Custom Items for endless loot!! 

Some of the plugins/expansions we offer:
🗾 Lands & Nations
🌱 BetterFarming & UpgradeableHoppers
💀 MobBosses & Dungeons
👨‍🏭 JobsReborn
🛠 mcMMO
💰 ShopGUI+
🏷 AuctionHouse
🧙 AdvancedEnchantments
🛌 SinglePlayerSleep
☠ DeadChest
👁 DynMap
[1.17.1] NetherCraft VanillaSMP is a 'Semi-Vanilla' Survival Multiplayer w/ MINOR Quality of Life Improvements

✅ EULA Compliant. (No P2W!!!)
✅ Latest-Update Vanilla Content
❌ /back
❌ /tpa
🏠 1 Set Home for ALL Players
😴 SinglePlayerSleep 
 ❔ Random Teleport
[1.8 - 1.17.1] Classic Factions PvP Server 

☕ 1.8.9 Classic Factions with Cross-client compatibility!
💰 Balanced Economy | GUI Shop
🎁 Loot Crates
🚨 Anti-Cheat. Anti-Xray & CombatLog!
🌎 Network of other servers and game-modes to escape factions!

A Classic Factions Experience

We'd like to welcome you to NetherCraft's Classic Factions. We are a 1.8.9 server with cross-client compatibility! You can join on any client newer than 1.8. We have always admired the competitive nature of Factions which is why NetherCraft has launched a brand new factions server on our Network.
[1.16.5] NetherCraft Classic SkyBlock

A Classic SkyBlock Experience

We'd like to welcome you to NetherCraft's Co-Op SkyBlock. This is a classic SkyBlock server on MineCraft 1.16.5. Start your island now and team up with friends to build the richest island.}

Competitve SkyBlock and Cross-Network rewards coming soon!!!
Minigames, Creative and much more to come....

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