EvolvedHub -SUPPORTS 1.8-1.15.1

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Country United States
Types EconomyPrisonPvP

EvolvedPrison has just had it's first BIG UPDATE!

This is a Prison Server! For any of you new to this, to break it down easily, you mine to earn money, use that money to Rankup and make even more! Along with Prison, we have plots! These plots help you release your inner creativity

New Donor Crate! Along with that, a new kit, ALPHA! This kit gives you commands such as /fly and /nick, with its own kit!

We have also released new Custom Enchantments! These custom enchantments help you fight in PVP, or just clamly mine easier, and become more successful!

We have Chess, Quests, and More for when you become bored of Mining. We are also in the making of Interactive NPC's for these commands  to telport you!

There is as well, Drugs! There are Drugs that can help you with mining. Some give you Haste, Regeneration, or More special effects!

We have /pets and /trails to show off to your friends! You can obtain these by donating to the server!

There is plently of staff for the server, and forums for all of your questions for our server! We also have our own Discord, if you want to visit it, it's /discord if you need anymore questions answered, there a plenty of people on there as well for your questions!

The Server supports from 1.8 to 1.15.1, so it supports most people who play! We would love to see you come here and help us grow into a big server!

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