Versions 1.12.2
Last PingPing is disabled for this server because our system couldn't reach it for too many times.
Country United States
Types EconomyHardcoreSurvivalModdedRLCraft


Looking for a new and exciting Modded Minecraft server?

Are you looking for an active RLcraft Minecraft server with little to no lag? Tired of dying to trees 20 seconds after you chop it down? Feel like all hope is lost?

Think again! is the best public RLcraft server!
We spend day and night to ensure that your experience is the best that it can be on our server. Join now and see for yourself! Our world just had a reset and update to 2.8.1, so everything is still unexplored.

What we offer:

* Vote Top rewards for the top three voters on our server each month
* Land claiming to prevent those pesky snakes from griefing your land or stealing your hard-earned items
* Tons of community-related events such as; build events and giveaways on Discord and in-game!

and much more!

Our community is great and very helpful and understanding! We're pretty active on Discord to assist most players who might have a question or need help. Everyone is friendly and we couldn't ask for a better community.

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