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Country France
Zombie Escape | WAFGAMERS.COM |

〉 ✧▬▬▬▬ WAF Gamers ▬▬▬▬✧
〉★Waf Gamers is a community of old CSS(Counter-Strike-Source)
〉players.You can have a good communication where everyone
〉should thrive and everyone here can be friends,Friends that you
〉talk to when you having problems,Friends that you can rely too and
〉friends that you can trust.
〉★Waf have own a ZR/ZE server in CSS were you can play with your
〉friends and have fun playing,
〉There's some event that's going to happen every month.Zr server
〉have plenty of Responsible admins that can help you incase you're
〉having a trouble when in the server.
〉★Waf also own a forum were you can write things like
〉complaints,Reports and etc...
〉You can also find many things in Waf Forum such as
〉Sourceban,Stats, and server's rules in Server Category.
〉while in Community Category, you'll find Forum,Server's
〉Staff,Leaderboard and Online Users.
〉In Activity Category, you can check all things you've done in the
〉★Our Server have a donation system so you can donate,We accept
〉any amount.It'll be a big help for our community.
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