Ahura Online

Country Egypt
Ahura Online

Looking for a new long time server?
These are one of the many questions we have in mind. Ahura ONLINE have answers to all of them.
Join a new CAP 110 server with long term system that will make you enjoy SRO like the old times.
            Server Cap 110
            Server Degree 11D
            Race European & Chinese
            Skill Mastery Cap 110
            Skill EU Mastery Cap 240
            Skill CH Mastery Cap 360
            EXP Rate x15
            Party EXP Rate x20
            Drop Rate x10
            Gold Rate x5
            FGW: Enabled
            Jangan Fortress : Enabled
            Survival Arena : Enabled
            CTF : Enabled
            Battle Arena : Enabled
            PC Limit : 8
            IP Limit : 10
            Job PC/IP Limit 2
            FTW PC Limit 1
            FTW IP Limit 2
            Guild Limit 24
            Plus Limit +12 (no adv)
            Limit Devil +10
            All Trader : Enabled [Every level you get]  Reward Coin
            Rank Unique : Enabled [Top1 -Top2 -Top3] Reward Silk
            Rank Job : Enabled  [Top1 -Top2 -Top3] Reward Silk
            Silk Free Every hour

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