BaldazzarWoW Legion 7.3.5 Fun /PvP

Versions Legion
Country Romania
Types BlizzlikeFunserverHigh RatesCustomPvPPvE
BaldazzarWoW Legion 7.3.5 Fun /PvP

-- Baldazzar Legion -- is coming with a new Realm Infinity, a new way of fun !
-- Baldazzar Legion -- is a brand new 7.3.5 Fun Server, with a Custom content . You can levelup your powers if you like or just use Character Template ( limited to 3 per account ) . There is LevelCap 110 or simple leveling from level 1 (this is for who like to leveling ) . How many players and mobs / bosses you kill or how many points /honor you will receive well come play and will see. It is a Legion Fun Server , with a lot of Custom features : 1v1 PvP , Solo LFR , Solo Dungeons/Raids and much more !
What is the base of this Fun Server ?
Well - Your ideas -
- Do you have a suggestion which should be implemented into Baldazzar Legion Server ?
No worries ! We can add it for you !
- Do you have an idea about a Custom Event, Custom World Boss ?
We do everything we can to treat your suggestion as such !
Yes, we are creating your ideas and putting them in the server, so everyone will enjoy your " Imagination "
What are you waiting for ? Come and join us, and lets play together !

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