Survival Fun

Versions 1.15
Last PingPing is disabled for this server because our system couldn't reach it for too many times.
Country United States
Types EconomyPvESurvivalVanilla

Survival Fun is a semi-vanilla server releasing on January 11th, 2020. Our goal is to give an enjoyable survival experience with a friendly community while staying close to the vanilla aspects of the game. We are very proactive in providing the best experience for everyone. Our staff are always doing their best to keep the server safe and we have many measures to block rule breakers. We are very interactive with our community with monthly events such as Base of the Month, challenges, and even occasional community games for prizes. Survival Fun also is a non pay-to-win server because we believe in keeping the survival experience level and fair.


The server uses PaperMC and runs some plugins to make the experience better for everyone. Some plugins we use are:
• GriefPrevention | Protect your builds.

• QuickShop | Allows players to make shops.

• AuctionHouse | Allows players to sell items on a GUI market everyone can see using /ah.

• WildTP | You get randomly teleported right when you join the server so you can start playing immediately, but you can also use /rtp once a day to get a new location.

• Bookshelves | Allows you to store books in bookshelves.

• GSit | Allows you to sit on stairs and carpets.

The server also uses some datapacks to enhance the experience. Some datapacks we use are:

• Dragon Drops Elytra

• Proper Stair Math

• Logical Uncrafting

• Crafting Shortcuts

• Improved Dyeing

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