Mudream x1000 OBT

Country United States

Play Mudream OBT x1000 | 4K Interface | Custom events, maps, items | Earn bonuses & rewards | Get a BOOST when new server is launched | Feel free to invite friends via referral program | Register right now

* Opening date: September 15
* Server version: Season 6 Episode 3
* Server rates: x1000 OBT


1. Online 1500+
3. Regular updates
4. Huge community
5. New locations
6. New wings
7. New bosses
8. Improved client
9. New unique sets
10. Improved skill tree
11. Customer Support 24/7

Each obt player will get a chance to win great permanent prizes and bonuses.
You will be able to influence the balance and mechanics of the main server.
Only with your help we can make the server better and more playable for everyone.

Register & play right now!

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