Crimelab Roleplay

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Crimelab Roleplay

Our server is all about freedom and role playing. We are here to have fun. Do as you please, as long as you respect new life rule and do not randomly attack other players.

Type /register to create your account.
/skin to change your character's appearance.

Buy cars, mod and store them. Rent and buy houses for a safe zone, inventory place, and space to relax, socialize with friends and go AFK. A wide variety of available jobs. Active staff to ensure the best gameplay. Realistic living, economy, shops, vehicle functions. No crosshair. New life rule. No random killing. Gym, slot machines, fishing and a lot more.

Opened interiors, kokain, sex shop, hospital, seat belt, custom cars, engine toggle, hood, trunk, ls customs, truck, realistic, vehicle failure, indicators, street label, weazel news cam, point finger, animations, skin changer, phone, voice, driving school, jobs, government, airline, lawyer, banker, mechanic, trucker, journalist, deliveries, gangs, mafia, cartel, hitman, hells angels, thief, hacking, taxi, pizza, banker, properties, accessories, barber, clothes, shop, hold up, weapon, vehicle, tattoo, boat, car wash, drugs, vangelico, animal, pets, police, firefighter, job, outlaw alert, jail, ambulance, ems, paramedic, slot machine, cruise control, legacy fuel, dirty money, drug farms.

If you see bugs or would like additions - hit us up via our website or discord and we will review your feedback and get back to you, or suggestions for approval and implementation on future updates.

Thank you,

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