Snorky Craft

Versions 1.15
Last PingPing is disabled for this server because our system couldn't reach it for too many times.
Country Canada
Types MCMMOSurvival

General Rules
1. No Griefing & No Flaming people!
2. Mutual PvP only! if you guys want to compete with each other and pvp feel free to do so! (Not allowed to randomly KoS people!
3. Keep the toxicity level low, sometimes if it's troll toxicity and fun toxicity it's all good, but sometimes you know when to stop! That's pretty much it!

Difficulty: Hard
Increased Spawnrate: Mobs will spawn x amounts around the players! instead of world wide
QqL Perks: /rtp | GriefPrevention | One Sethome | Tree Chopper | Optional Custom boss that you can take on

Difficulty: Nightmare
Increased Spawnrate: Mobs will spawn an x amounts around players with special mobs caculation settings to spawn in Progressable mobs! (Elitemobs) The more you progress the harder it gets! Mobs have special Abilities!
Commands: /party teleport (With a long cooldown)| GriefPrevention | /rtp | mcMMO | Acess to Custom Dungeons in the Guild's Hall

Player Perks
You get rewarded with fake currency every 15 minutes you are onl, what can those currency be used on? right now custom heads! to decorate your house /heads, there will be more rewards for being active later on!

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