Versions 1.15
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Country United States
Types CreativeEconomyMCMMOMini GamesPvPSurvival

What the server is about:
The server is based around Survival and Plots (currently running on version 1.14.4 but this will be updated to 1.15 in the near future, or once optifine for 1.15 is out to help players have a smoother experience).
• Features we have on the server:
• Mobarena (waves of mobs)
• Music (jukebox themed)
• Mcmmo (ability to level up skills)
• Extra Heads (sellable with /sellhead)
• In game shop (including a repair and enchant shop)
• 1.8 combat mechanics (1.9 sucks)
• One person sleep (you can also skip storms)
• Random teleport (once in the survival world can be used to teleport the player randomly)
• Plots with creative and with worldedit (donators get more plots)
• 1,000,000 world border (this tends to be very low on for many survival servers)
• Rewards for bug reports!
• Rewards are given out to those who recommend the server to someone else (all they have to do is tell us who brought them!)
• Marriage plugin (for those who join as a couple or find someone they like in game!)

• We don’t have any unfair regulations or rules that make it easy for players to get into trouble or feel like they always have to be careful, they are simply there as guidelines to prevent drama and prevent other problems from occurring and to make sure that everyone gets along with each other.

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