AuroraRaids | CASH /F TOP and /IS TOP

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Country United States
Types EconomyFactionMCMMOPrisonPvEPvPSkyblock

Unlike most networks we aim to maintain a complete play to win environment, meaning none of the things we sell on the store, have a significant advantage over gameplay, everybody is equal! We offer the same plugins and perks to everybody that plays! We offer real cash prizes at the end of every season for the top voter, /mctop and /f top and /is top!

Everybody who joins is given free McMMO credits and crate keys to start the season off! Just /helpop, and one of our brilliant members of staff will give them to you!

Additionally, everybody has a 2.0x multiplier for McMMO, money, and shards on all servers for their first week, regardless!

AuroraRaids is a rebranded, US-based network server running on Minecraft 1.8.8. Our server works on any version upwards from 1.8.8 and now has additionally Skyblock and Prison (as well as our original gamemode Factions) it contains McMMO, Envoys, Gen Buckets, Custom Enchantments within Factions. Our Prison gamemode contains drugs, gangs, a prestige ranking system, whereas Skyblock contains, a level system for islands which grows the more you play and create with your friends, as well as working minions and custom generators.

Our aim for running AuroraRaids is to have an ever-changing map so, one group isn't too overpowered and wins every season or map. Players love this concept and it allows us to have a changing player base, each time a server resets.

The world doesn't get boring though, the land is abandoned and, the claims are found throughout all three worlds. In Factions alone, the world borders are: 10,000 x 10,000 : Overworld 6,000 x 6,000: Nether 6,000 x 6,000: The End!

We have various custom plugins for players to enjoy, including ones not found on your normal server, this is where we excel and gain an active and engaging player base. Also, we have a regular stream of content creators, which constantly play on the server, and engage with their fans, what's not to love?

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