1Vanilla - [Anarchy | Done right]

Versions 1.15
Last PingPing is disabled for this server because our system couldn't reach it for too many times.
Country United States
Types AnarchyHardcoreKit PvPSurvivalVanilla

We are a brand new Vanilla Anarchy Minecraft server. Running a player-based community. Tired of annoying staff, rustic plug ins that are "fun", and an owner that is virtually unkillable? Well, that ain't us. There is no "Owner" or staff rank. OP plays in survival. We created it this way to provide players with complete freedom to play the game the way the DEVs imagined. There is a large emphasis on our community growth, although we are not selling anything, your participation in the community (being active on the server) is very important to us! In this way we can bring together both people willing to form alliances and conquer, and those who want to, well, they go it alone.

Rules and guidelines:

- Unsafe enchantments: TRUE

- PVP encouraged

- Raiding is allowed

- Contribute to the quality of the server

This Server's Features:

- 24/7 Hosting - No downtime- Complete and total fuckery (This server is anarchy vanilla, have fun, do what you want, don't hack)- Complete player freedom.- Very little human moderation.-Vanilla settings and world generation.- Absence of /home/tpa/kit commands, promoting the intended Minecraft difficulty.- Minimalist custom server commands.- No world resets!

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