Cryptex Network

Last PingPing is disabled for this server because our system couldn't reach it for too many times.
Country United States
Types CreativeFactionPrisonSkyblockSurvival
Cryptex Network

Welcome to Cryptex!
Cryptex is currently a WIP server, we are mainly prison at the moment. But more servers such as Factions, Survival and Creative are all coming soon!

This is what we currently have on the prison server.
- Custom Enchantments Token Greed, Key Greed, Lazy, Combo, Greed, Infinite, Jump, Speed and many more!

- Tokens are a new currency, used to upgrade pickaxes, and buy things.

- Crystals can be added on to pickaxes to give boosts, their are XP Boost 1 to 10000000,
Token Boost 1 to 10000000, Sell Boost 1 to 10000000, All boost have a tier 1 - 20.

- Auto Miners. to lazy to mine yourself or you dont have a good pickaxe? use an Auto Miner you can upgrade it with tokens.

- Kits. The kits we currently have are Thug, Criminal, BlackHat, Lunatic, Murderer and GodFather, all are very even kits.

- Ranks. as shown here we have Thug, Criminal, BlackHat, Lunatic, Murderer and GodFather Ranks for sale.

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