SMPEarth Beta

Versions 1.14.4
Last PingPing is disabled for this server because our system couldn't reach it for too many times.
Country United States
Types EconomyFactionMCMMOPvEPvPSurvivalTowny

The SMP Earth Minecraft Server is meant to be a replication of the popular, but for the average user to play on.

New to SMP Earth?
SMP Earth is a real-world replica of Earth but in Minecraft. You can claim countries, states, and provinces to rule them over with friends as if you were a real world leader! We have a Dynmap that shows all territories of players so you can watch as you grow your land. You'll have to work hard to enforce and secure your area, and you can even declare war on other territories.

You, the player, will be responsible for building, transforming and maintaining our economy. You can sell goods for cash, trade and more to grow as the richest player on the server. Our map is hundreds of millions of blocks big so you will always have room to explore.
We strive to make new improvements and make this experience the most fun you'll ever have. We have a lovely community of staff and hope to include you guys too!

Do we host events?
Actually, yes we do. We want to build a close community on our server and will be hosting events for all players to join in on.
Not only will events take form on the server, but we may also run out of server events too! Wouldn't want to give away any surprises though, so come check it out for yourself.

Do we have a discord?

*Please note that the server is only in beta, so you can be the first to check out our new features and grow close to our community when you come on!*

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