Double a network

Versions 1.15
Last PingPing is disabled for this server because our system couldn't reach it for too many times.
Country United States
Types AnarchyPvEPvPSurvivalVanilla
Double a network

We are a semi anarchy Minecraft 1.16 snapshot server mainly. We also host a 1.15.2 smp server as well, with factions hopefully on its way! We have a good non toxic player base and have few rules, however, you can get banned. Some of these rules include: No hacking/use of hacked clients. No lag machines or any purposeful attempts at lagging the server. No overly inappropriate or lewd behavior in the form of chat, written books, or signs. Also griefing the shop area can get you banned if you have multiple not quite bannable but against the rules offenses. Other than that it may just put you on thin ice with the player base and staff in the future. We also have some features that set us apart from other servers of this type, like craftable god apples, rotten flesh as a fuel source for furnaces, “/tpa” “/sethome”, and more!

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