Valhalla Towny

Versions 1.15
Last PingPing is disabled for this server because our system couldn't reach it for too many times.
Country United Kingdom
Types EconomySurvivalTowny


Why should you Join Valhalla?
- Valhalla has a small very friendly community
- Theres around the clock support varying from in-game to discord
- The server is always being constantly updated with new features and plugins
- We host a refferal scheme, You invite your friends and i will reward you
- There will be special events for players as the server grows

Valhalla Features:
- An outstanding battleground at /warp pvp
- AFK Mob farming is allowed
- Minimaps are allowed (No x-ray or any other kind of mods)
- Optifine is allowed
- Fantastic Donor ranks, in-game items , commands and kits for very cheap prices

Top Plugins included in Valhalla are:
- Votifier (We have 7 links set up each link will reward you with 2 diamonds, 1 vote key and $1250)
- MCMMO (Level up your skills via the RPG like skill system)
- BloodMoon (Mobs become harder and have special ability's but drop special loot)
- Pets (Start with a fox by doing /pets)
- Crazy crates (Try your luck with many items to be won)
- Shop GUI Plus (Access the virtual in-game shop with /shop)
- Jobs advanced (Choose from 12 jobs to join with /jobs browse)
- LockettePro (Lock your chests by placing a sign on)
- Marriage (Pop the question to the special one with /marry)
- Slot Machines (Why not have a gamble in the casino)
- Brewery (Why not have a drink in the local bar?)
- Bounties (Set a bounty on your desired enemy player with /bounty)
- Rankup (Rank up in game with /rankup when you've met the requirements of /ranks)
- SilkSpawners (Mine spawners with silk touch)Donor plugins:
- SimplePets (Access to 28 different pets with /pets)
- Decoheads (Access over 500 equip-able decoheads with /decoheads)
- SuperTrails ( Access over 50 equip-able trails for your character)
And lots more...

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