Stellar Mc

Versions 1.81.16
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Country Canada
Types FactionPvPSkyblockSurvival

Stellar Mc- Cracked Minecraft Network

PVP Arenas, Bosses, Up gradable Furnaces, Hoppers, Epic Farming, Fun Crates, Tokens with /fly and permissions!!, Vote Parties!!

Custom Built Islands, Vote Parties, Is Upgrades,Is Challenges, Timed Ranks, Keys, SPAWNERS COUNT for is Points!, Premium Accounts /BUYCRAFT and OPTIFINE CAPES to be won season end, Automatic Farms Allowed, /Shop, Natural End Nether

-----1.8+ Mini-Games-----
FFA-Pvp, Kit Battle Unlock more kits the more you battle!, Sky Pvp, Survival Games, Creative, Skywars

-----Season VII Semi-op-Factions- Released 01.23.2021-----
Season VII is all about Grinding/Cannoning and PVP we took out all the nonsense and left the real stuff. Grind Deadzone and Cane for Spawenrs. Earn Tags, Hold Outpost, Conquer KOTH. 250 Power per player. Op Factions with Potion based enchants! Duels and much more to check out. If youre up for the grind then come check us out to win some paypal and buycraft!

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