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We are a Roleplay server existing in the Marvel Universe, and it has a custom factions system for core teams like the Avengers or X-Men. On this server you are able to play the role of a character from the Marvel Comics e.g. Spider-Man, Captain America, or Black Widow.

And when we say play the role, we mean play the role! You'll receive their items, the special abilities they have, and a display name to show everyone who you represent. So, you're probably wondering.. what is there to do on the server? We won't just turn you into a Superhero and release you into the city!

We have so many amazing features!- Quests that are all Marvel-Affiliated!
- Arenas for epic battles! (Sakaar Battledome, Civil War Airport, etc!)
- Excelsior Gym ( Practice your fighting against bosses! )
- a 'Marvel Warps' menu for exploration! (Helicarrier, The Milano, etc!)
+ Much more features that make this server a home of Marvel fans!

Also if you are familiar with Marvel Comics, you know that they have lots of icon places and facilities like the Baxter Building, X-Mansion, Avengers Tower and MANY more. We don't want to complex the things to do on the server with the very common /warps command, so there we've made Marvel MC a GUI server, for transportation, use commands like the following:

/beginner - Shows everything a new player needs to know!

/majorwarps - Shows a menu of all the important areas of the server.

/marvelwarps - Gives a selection of iconic marvel-related locations!

/popularwarps - Shows the most popular warps on the server.

/beginner - Shows everything a new player needs to know!

/quests - Teleport a player to the location where a quests starts!

/arenas - Shows all the PvP Arenas of the server!

/cities - Gives transportation to any city on the server.

(/warp will NOT work!)
We can't wait to see you there on the Marvel Universe Server!

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