AgentCraft PrisonSkyBlock

Last PingPing is disabled for this server because our system couldn't reach it for too many times.
Country Philippines

Server is now Online!! And it's a Prison server with awesome features!!

How to play?
It is just like normal prison servers but with Skyblock and many more!!

To create your skyblock do
/is create
And if you want to join do
/is join
You can also invite friends to your island just do
/is invite playername

Prison commands
If you want to rank up just do
It cost ingame money to rank up. To check the money cost for the next rank just do
If you want to sell the stuffs that you got from the mines just do
/msell all (to sell all the items in your inventory)
/msell (to sell item in your hand)

It has a starting draw with 20000 ingame money and minimum of 4 players have to join.
If you want to buy tickets just do
/lottery buy

You can buy and sell stuffs in shop just do

Boss Event
This event only at Sundays whole day. It gives gears from the boss when you killed it.
Not just gears but gives awesome rewards from the admins too! So keep an eye if they admins says that they'll add an awesome prizes!


We do accept donations and in return we will give you a donator rank with new commands ingame!! Kindly PM us for more details.

I love apples might wanna keep some stacks for me :) there will be a return for sure :)

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