Ahura Online

Country Egypt
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Ahura Online

Looking for a new long time server?
These are one of the many questions we have in mind. Ahura ONLINE have answers to all of them.
Join a new CAP 110 server with long term system that will make you enjoy SRO like the old times.
            Server Cap 110
            Server Degree 11D
            Race European & Chinese
            Skill Mastery Cap 110
            Skill EU Mastery Cap 240
            Skill CH Mastery Cap 360
            EXP Rate x15
            Party EXP Rate x20
            Drop Rate x10
            Gold Rate x5
            FGW: Enabled
            Jangan Fortress : Enabled
            Survival Arena : Enabled
            CTF : Enabled
            Battle Arena : Enabled
            PC Limit : 8
            IP Limit : 10
            Job PC/IP Limit 2
            FTW PC Limit 1
            FTW IP Limit 2
            Guild Limit 24
            Plus Limit +12 (no adv)
            Limit Devil +10
            All Trader : Enabled [Every level you get]  Reward Coin
            Rank Unique : Enabled [Top1 -Top2 -Top3] Reward Silk
            Rank Job : Enabled  [Top1 -Top2 -Top3] Reward Silk
            Silk Free Every hour

What is the website link of the Ahura Online Silkroad Online server?

The website link of the Ahura Online Silkroad Online server is https://topservers.com/out-2737. To make it simpler to visit the Ahura Online website, we added the clickable link at the left side panel of this server page.

The link was published by the server owner, so if you wish to visit their website, please do so at your own risk.

Where the Ahura Online server is located?

The Ahura Online server is located in the Egypt. With the server located in the Egypt, users from the Egypt can expect the lowest latency and highest performance, providing the best Silkroad Online experience.

When was the Ahura Online server added to TopServers?

The Ahura Online Silkroad Online server was added to the TopServers Silkroad Online category on February 1, 2022, at 6:40 pm, by user AhuraOnline.

The Ahura Online server information was updated on March 7, 2022, at 4:05 am.

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